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July 1st  Jennifer Chou, Organ    Marktkirche, Wiesbaden (D)

July 1st  Jennifer Chou, Organ     Christuskirche, Schlangenbad (D)

July 4th  11 AM Rhonda Edgington, Organ Youngstown, OH (USA)
Collaborative Concert with Flute and French Horn, and solo organ works for the 2017 AGO Great Lakes Regional Convention. Music by (North) American composers: Rachel Laurin, Libby Larsen, Henry Martin, William Bolcom, Margaret Sandresky, Emma Lou Diemer

July 7th  Jennifer Chou, Organ St Peter & Paul Anglican Church, Godalming (UK)

July 7th  Barry Jordan. Magdeburg Cathedral (D)

July 9th  3 PM Giorgio Parolini, Organ   Klosterkirche, Stiepel-Bochum (D)

July 12th  Jennifer Chou, Organ     Christiankirke, Copenhagen (DK)

July 14th  6:15 PM Giorgio Parolini, Organ  St. Leonhard, Basel (CH)

July 30th  5 PM Giorgio Parolini, Organ Dreifaltigkeitskirche, Gräfenhein (D)

Aug. 1st  12 noon Giorgio Parolini, Organ Schlosskirche, Wittenberg (D)

Aug 1st Barry Jordan, Chiesa La Badia, Camaiore, (IT)

Aug. 3rd  8 PM Giorgio Parolini, Organ  Michaeliskirche, Hildesheim (D)

Aug. 5th  Rhonda Edgington, Organ  First Baptist Church, Hudson, MN (USA)
Concert on the 1864 Jardine Organ for the Organ Historical Society National Convention. Music by (North) American composers: B. W. Sanders, Margaret Sandresky, Amy Beach, Norterto Guinaldo, William Dayas, Rachel Laurin, Daniel Pinkham, Carson Cooman, Arthur Foote

Aug. 6th, Barry Jordan, Domkirche Lampertheim (D)

Aug. 11th  8:15 PM Giorgio Parolini, Organ Münster, Überlingen (D)

Aug. 13th  4 PM Giorgio Parolini, Organ   Basilika, Weingarten (D)

Aug. 16th  8:30 PM Martin Welzel, Organ  Konstantin-Basilika, Trier (D)
Works by Percy Whitlock: 5 Short Pieces (1929), Organ Sonata in C minor (1936)

Aug 20th Barry Jordan, Dom, Altenberg (D)

Aug. 27th  8 PM Rhonda Edgington, Organ    Grace Episcopal Church, Holland, MI (USA)
Concert on the (brand new!) Martin Pasi Organ (2017) with music by (North) American composers: Margaret Sandresky, Rachel Laurin, Daniel Pinkham, Carson Cooman

Sept. 2nd, Barry Jordan, Krevese (Altmark) (D)

Sept. 24th, Barry Jordan, Fallersleben (D)

Sept 29th, 20 Uhr, Barry Jordan Orgelnacht, Dom, Magdeburg
on all three organs

Oct. 8th, Barry Jordan, Paderborn-Wewer

Oct. 14th  9 PM Giorgio Parolini, Organ Chiesa S. Maria, Cuneo (I)