Spring Meeting 2019

Our member from Poland Michał Szostak writes:

Dear Friends from the AGO European Chapter,

I am very happy to organize our next Spring Meeting in Poland in 2019 and I am very sure that there are alot of interesting places and organs in my country to see, to hear, and of course to play.

Due to the fact that each of us lives in a different country and some even on a different continent, I propose to start and to finish our Meeting in Warsaw. Warsaw is the largest city in Poland with the best international flight connections from other continents. You will certainly find convenient ways to come here (by plane, by train, by car . . . ).

Warsaw, its organs and its other attractions will be our home base for this Meeting but we will visit alot of interesting places outside of Warsaw as well: such as Licheń with the largest organ in Poland (157 stops, 6 manuals), Łódź with the newest philharmonic organs in Poland: one organ in baroque and one in symphonic style), Toruń with some of the oldest Polish instruments, and more. We will also visit the workshop near Warsaw of the largest Polish organ builder. Beside all of this, I will show you some other interesting attractions in Poland: museums, historical sites, restaurants with traditional Polish cuisine, etc.

Of course we will not be able to see all the interesting cities in Poland (we would need at least another meeting to do that), but I am sure that after the Spring Meeting 2019 you will know more about my country and you will better understand our history and music and their cultural context.

The detailed program of the Spring Meeting 2019 will be announced in the near future but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. My e-mail:


All the best to each and every one of you!

Yours sincerely / Z szacunkiem,

Michał Szostak