How to join our chapter

When you join the European Chapter, you automatically become a member of the American Guild of Organists.
Theoretically you can do this via the Headquarters web page, but there is an easier way: simply write an email to our Registrar Ludo Vandersmissen (and send a copy to the Dean of the Chapter, Johan Hermans) - you can find their contact details HERE - or simply use the general address for the whole BOARD - and tell them or us that you would like to join us. Ludo will handle everything for you.

The annual membership fee is set by headquarters and the exact amount can be affected by the current exchange rate. It is payable annually and is due at a date determined by the date at which membership commenced - if you became a member in February, you pay in February! There are several categories of membership; in each category you have the choice of receiving the AGO magazine "The American Organist" online or by post. ("Chapter Friends" do not receive the TAO).
Here are the current prices: 
Regular (Age 30 - 64) Printed TAO $105 / 97 euros; Online TAO $97 / 90 euros
Special (Age 65 + or disabled) Printed TAO $80 / 74 euros; Online TAO $72 / 67 euros
Young Organist (Age under 30) Printed TAO $50 / 46 euros; Online TAO $42 / 39 euros
Regular Dual (Paid to second chapter) $41 / 38 euros
Special Dual (Paid to second chapter) $33 / 31 euros
Young Organist Dual (Paid to second chapter) $18 / 17 euros
Chapter Friend $20 / 20 euros

("Dual members" are members who also belong to another chapter, usually in the USA)

What you get for your money: 
- TAO (monthly) not Chapter Friends or dual members!
- the Chapter Newsletter in your mailbox (quarterly)
- the opportunity to participate in our Spring Meetings (at a discounted rate) 
- the possibility to participate in online coaching sessions, webinars and so on organised by headquarters
- your recitals and links to your web site on our internet presence.

Also, we are really nice people. 

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