Recitals by our Chapter Members

Photo: Group Photo from the Spring Meeting 2023, Erfurt

Our members are active in recitals all over the world. Here are some events of which we are aware.
Your recital can only be listed if we know that it is taking place. Be an active member, and send us your information!


Monday July 3, 12:00 noon              Jennifer Chou  
Propsteikirche, Recklinghausen, Germany

Thursday July 6, nT                          Barry Jordan
Kuopio, Finland, Cathedral: Reubke, Klatzow, Schmidt

Saturday July 9, 12:00 noon             Jennifer Chou
Hamburg, Germany, St. Michaelis

Sunday July 9, 5:00 pm                    Katelyn Emerson
Rejkjavik, Iceland, Hallgrímskirka: Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, Percy Whitlock, Leo Sowerby, Horatio Parker, and Joseph Jongen

Tuesday July 11, 8:00 pm                  Barry Jordan
Turku, Finland, Cathedral: Schmidt, Bach, Jordan, Jongen  

Wednesday July 12, 8:00 pm            Katelyn Emerson
Lübeck, Germany, Propsteikirche Herz Jesu: Rachel Laurin, Hugo Distler, Percy Whitlock, Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Thursday July 13, 7:30 pm                 Jennifer Chou
Stege, Denmark

Saturday 15 July, 4:00 pm                Katelyn Emerson
Berlin, Germany, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Kirche: Nikolaus Bruhns, Marco Enrico Bossi, Rachel Laurin, and Max Reger

Tuesday July 18, 7.30 pm                  Jennifer Chou
Randers, Denmark, Sct. Mortens

Wednesday July 19, 8:00 pm             Jennifer Chou
Helsingør, Denmark, Sct. Mariae

Thursday 20 July, 7:30 pm                Katelyn Emerson
Hamburg, Germany, St. Marien-Dom: Rachel Laurin, Juan Cabanilles, Johann Sebastian Bach, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, Hugo Distler, Percy Whitlock, and Joseph Jongen

Thursday July 20, 20:00 pm              Barry Jordan
Heiligenhafen, Germany, ev Stadtkirche: Ritter, Bach, Mendelssohn, Kee

Saturday July 22, 6:30 pm                 Judith Trifellner-Spalt & Philipp Pelster, Salzburg
Cathedral, Salzburg, Austria 

Sunday, 23 July, 4:00 pm                 Katelyn Emerson 
Uppsala, Sweden, Uppsala domkyrka: Johann Sebastian Bach, Robert Schumann, César Franck, Max Reger, Alexandre-Pierre-Françoi Boëly, Rachel Laurin, Marco Enrico Bossi, and Joseph Jongen

Saturday July 29, 6:00 pm                 Gabriel Dessauer
Meißen, Germany, Cathedral

Saturday July 29, 7:00 pm                  Johan Hermans
Brussels,Nôtre Dame de la Chapelle; with Kathleen Beliën, Soprano

Sunday July 30, 5:00 pm                   Giorgio Parolini
Gräfenhain, Germany, Dreifaltigkeitskirche

Thursday August 3, 12:00 noon         Cheryl van Ornam
Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ: Patriotic, Classical, African-American

Thursday August 3, 7:00 pm              Rosalind Mohnsen
Bangor, Maine, St. John's Catholic Church

Tuesday August 8, nT                         Barry Jordan
Brussels, Belgium, Cathedral St Gudule: "Lovers in Music" - Mendelssohn, Fauré, Jongen, Wagner, Milhaud
-- cancelled because of health concerns!

Tuesday August 15, 11:00 am             Johan Hermans
Hasselt, Belgien, St. Quintinus Cathedral: concert mass with the cooperation of vocal ensemble Quintina

Wednesday August 23, 7:30 pm        Gabriel Dessauer
Meinigen, Germany, Stadtkirche

Sunday August 27, 11:00 am             Johan Hermans
Hasselt, Belgien, St. Quintinus Cathedral: concert mass with the cooperation of Danny Aerden (trumpet)

Thursday August 31, 8:00 pm            Cheryl van Ornam
Colonial Williamsburg, Bruton Episcopal Parish Church: Flute and Oboe solos with organ

Monday September 4, 9:15 pm          Giorgio Parolini
Ravenna, Italy, Basilica di San Vitale: 62nd annual festival

Sunday September 10, nT                  Cheryl van Ornam 
Richmond, VA, St Giles Presbyterian Church: "A Bach Creation" will feature works by composers that influenced Johann Sebastian Bach, followed by a work reflects that influence.

Saturday September 16, 6:30 pm       Gabriel Dessauer
Görlitz, Germany, St. Peter

Saturday, 16 September, 10:00 am     Katelyn Emerson
Masterclass, St. Anne's Catholic Church, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA

Sunday, 17 September, 4:00 pm        Katelyn Emerson
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, St. Anne's Catholic Church.

Wednesday September 20, 7:30 pm   Barry Jordan
Essen, Germany, Cathedral: Jongen, Klatzow, Jordan, Widor

Tuesday, 26 September, 7:00 pm       Katelyn Emerson
Worcester, Massachusetts, St. Joseph Memorial Chapel, College of the Holy Cross

Thursday September 28, 7:00 pm      Barry Jordan
Magdeburg, Germany, Cathedral: Orgelnacht with Markku Hietaharju and Francesco Di Lernia

Saturday October 7, 5:00 pm            Barry Jordan
Tangermünde, Germany, St Stephani: Scheidt, Sweelinck, Scheidemann

Saturday October 14, 11.30 am          Giorgio Parolini
Bad Säckingen, Germany, Fridolinsmünster

Thursday October 19, 7:30 pm           Barry Jordan
Magdeburg, Germany, Cathedral: Messiaen Livre du Saint Sacrament

Friday October 20, 8:00 pm              Giorgio Parolini
Milan, Italy, Basilica di San Babila

Saturday November 4, 3:00 pm          Karel Baeten
Hasselt, Belgium, Cathedral

Saturday November 19, 6:00 pm        Barry Jordan

Magdeburg, Germany, Cathedral: Farewell recital

Saturday December 2, 3:00 pm          Johan Hermans

Hasselt, Belgium, Cathedral

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