Recitals by our Chapter Members

Photo: Group Photo from the Spring Meeting 2024: Grote Kerk Alkmaar

Our members are active in recitals all over the world. Here are some events of which we are aware.
Your recital can only be listed if we know that it is taking place. Be an active member, and send us your information!


Sun. 19th May, 5:40pm: Katelyn Emerson
Trinity College Chapel, Cambridge, UK
Dieterich Buxtehude, Heinrich Scheidemann, Sigfrid Karg-Elert, Louis Vierne, and Petr Eben

Wed. 22nd May, 7 pm: Barry Jordan
St Jakobikirche, Stralsund, Germany

Mon. 10th June, 8 pm: Giorgio Parolini
Evangelische Kirche, Pfungstadt, Germany

Sat. 29th June, 7:30pm: Jennifer Chou
St. Marien Cathedral, Erfurt, Germany
Ampt, Franck, Alain, J. S. Bach

Sat. 6th July, 8:00pm: Jennifer Chou
Klosterkirche, Krevese, Germany
Sweelinck, J. S. Bach, Buxtehude, Böhm, Mozart

Wed. 17th July, 7:30pm: Katelyn Emerson
Cathedral of Christ the King, Atlanta, GA

Sun. 7th July, 4 pm: Gabriel Dessauer
St. Mary’s Cathedral, San Francisco, USA

Sun. 7th July, 4 pm: Alexia Tye
Eglise St Louis de la Salpêtrière, Paris
Bach, Buxtehude, Delplace, Rameau, with works for organ and electric guitar by Gary Moore, Pink Floyd, Georges Moustaki etc 

Wed. 10th July, 7:30pm: Jennifer Chou
Johanneskirche, Saalfeld, Germany
Ampt, Franck, Mendelssohn, Widor, J.S. Bach

Sat. 13th July, 5:00pm: Jennifer Chou
Schlosskirche, Altenburg, Germany
Grigny, Sweelinck, June Nixon, Mendelssohn, Böhm, J.S. Bach

Sat. 27th July, 12.05 pm: Gabriel Dessauer
Dreifaltigkeitskirche, Worms, Germany

Sat. 27th July, 9:00 pm: Giorgio Parolini
Eglise Notre-Dame, Fontenay-le-Comte, France

Wed. 14th August, 7 pm: Bernard Sanders
St. Katharina, Middelhagen (Rügen)
Works by J. S. Bach, J. C. F. Fischer and B. Sanders

Sun. 18th August, 6 pm: Barry Jordan
Kirche St. Peter Paul, Niederndodeleben, Germany

Thurs. 1st August, 7:00pm: Katelyn Emerson
York Minster, UK
Johannes Brahms, Georg Böhm, Leo Sowerby, Rachel Laurin, Edward Bairstow, Francis Jackson, Jean Langlais, Jehan Alain, and Maurice Duruflé

Sat. 3rd August: Katelyn Emerson
Hauptkirche St. Nikolai am Klostern, Hamburg, Germany
Edward Elgar, Juan Cabanilles, Vincent Lübeck, Charles Tournemire, Francis, Jackson, Jean Langlais, and Thierry Escaich

Wed. 7th August, time TBA: Katelyn Emerson
Aarhus Domkirke, Denmark

Fri. 9th August, 4:30pm: Katelyn Emerson
Haderslev Domkirke, Denmark
Rachel Laurin, Alexandre-Pierre-François Boëly, Nikolaus Bruhns, Francis Jackson, Horatio Parker, and Marcel Dupré

Sat. 10th August, 12:00pm: Katelyn Emerson
Copenhagen Domkirke, Denmark

Sat. 24th August, 12 noon: Gabriel Dessauer
St. Michaelis, Hamburg, Germany

Sat. 7th September, 11 am: Alexia Tye 
Luxembourg Cathedral
Bach, Buxtehude, Bach/Widor

Sat. 7th September, 12.05 pm: Gabriel Dessauer
Dom, Mainz, Germany
English organ music

Sat. 7th September, 11:30 am: Bernard Sanders
St. Nikolaus Minster, Überlingen
Works by J. S. Bach and B. Sanders

Sun. 15th September, 3:00 pm: Katelyn Emerson
Ladue Chapel Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Sat. 24th August, 5 pm: Barry Jordan
St Annen, Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany

Sun. 1st September, 11 am: Barry Jordan
St Engelbert, St Ingbert, Germany

Sun. 15th September, nT: Gabriel Dessauer
St. Nikolaus, Bergen-Enkheim

Fri., 20th September, time TBA: Katelyn Emerson
Wesley United Methodist Church, Urban, Illinois, USA

Sun. 22nd September, 5 pm: Barry Jordan
Gräfenhain, Germany

Sat., 28th September, 9:00pm: Katelyn Emerson
Sotto il monte Giovanni XXIII, Bergamo, Italy

Sun. 6th October, 4pm: Barry Jordan
Cathedral St Sebastian, Magdeburg, Germany

Fri. 11th October, 6:00 pm: Giorgio Parolini
Pfarrkirche Heilige Familie, Linz, Austria

Sun. 13th October, 2:00 pm: Giorgio Parolini
Basilika am Postlingberg, Linz, Austria

Thu. 17th October, 8 pm: Barry Jordan
Stabkirche, Hahnenklee, Germany

Sat. 14th December, nT Barry Jordan
Cathedral, Turku, Finland
Messiaen, Livre du Saint Sacrament